Travel Essentials

Hello, my dear followers, I’m finally back, I hope you’ve all been well through the last weeks and I am really for my lack of presence. I know I said in my last post that I would blog more often but I’m sorry to say I had some very stressful last weeks of the semester and life got in between but I’m happy to be back.

During my unplanned break, I did not only relax, I searched for new ideas for posts and I’m happy to announce I have several posts in preparation. This was one of those new ideas. A post that has to do with travel, I never did one like that but it’s just again opinions on products, very tiny products I call my travel essentials. I tested them on two journeys with my best friends, as we were sent to Mülheim and Berlin from school. While Mühlheim was just a weekend with rain, Berlin was far more adventurous and I got to test the products more while we were running around in Berlin. I might add a whole post dedicated to Berlin.

First of all, these were the planned essential I thought of before starting the trip.

But right before my journey, I felt like adding some small things.

Especially happy made me the disinfectant as be mainly traveled by bus and underground and it was very easy to use without water and it wasn’t sticky on the skin at all and there was no clinical smell. Also, the sunscreen spray did its job perfectly well – no burned spots on me and easy to transport and refresh on the go. And last but not least my deodorant was wonderful as always, nothing else to say.

I hope you guys have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are and hopefully you’re able to enjoy the summer break. Let me know wishes for posts, I’m thankful for any kind of comment. I promise i won’t wait long with the next post, until then

Love you all,



Easter Holidays

My dear friends, I’m back. I’m finally back and I’m excusing for not being here for the last few months although I promised. I hope you all know and understand that life gets in the way and things need to be done first. I have not abandoned you, I still want to be here and be and inspiration for you. I’m back with new ideas and motivation to run this blog but first of all I’m going to continue as before.

This is (again, I’m sorry) a review about products I used and finished up. 

The Nivea Men Creme for Face, Body & Hands will probably be my most loved product for the next thousand years. It’s a super light texture with a fresh (masculine though) smell that sinks into the skin very fast and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. As I’m having problematic skin on my arms and legs I used it as a moisturizer at night and sometimes over the day and it never made my skin feel dry after a while. With this wonderful product the skin gets really soft with a nice smell and healthy look. Although it looks like it would be the usual old orginal Nivea Creme it’s by far easier to use and it’s smells better to me personally. 12/10 stars and 1000% recommended by me.

Now the two face masks with Dead Sea extracts, one from Rival de Loop and one from Salthouse. They are both clearly made for mixed skin which tends to be greasy with blackheads and blemishes. They are not at all made for sensible skin like mine, although they did help with the blemishes. That’s wonderful but they made my skin feel really dry and created tension which only got away with tons of moisturizer. Good things are furthermore the application and the smell because the application is easy and the smell nearly doesn’t exist, so it wouldn’t bother anyone. The price is okay, just that you can only use each package once and it’s a garbage factor if you use them alot. 5/10, they were okay but definitely not for sensible skin.

Again, a Nivea Creme. Not the typical Nivea smell but still good, a bit fresher. It also sinks into the skin very fast with not sticky feeling. By now it should be on the marked in two versions, one specially for sensible skin. The texture is not a light as the Men’s Creme but by far better that the Original one. 8/10 stars, it’s good but nothing special.

The handcreme by Neutrogena was an absolute disaster. It doesn’t smell nice, doesn’t sink into the skin fast and it doesn’t moisturize the hands for long. Personally I couldn’t see the “Visibly Renew” effect and taking it with me to school wasn’t a good idea. It leaves a slight blue shimmer on your hands and catches every little tiny fluff. 1/10, not to be recommended.

If you tried anything of those products I’d be happy to correspond with you and hear about your opinion. Last but not least a question: Shall I include links to the products or do you prefer me to leave them out?

Lots of love and see you sooner from now on,


New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

​Hello my beloved readers, I might be late but I present you: My goals for this year.

I tried to set myself goals that I’ll be able to achieve. They shouldn’t be too complex or specific and they should be adjustable to my life. Change is inevitable and can happen at every time and I want my goals to grow with me. Some of the goals may seem small and easy but there has to be success in order to build confidence. Life offers enough pressure so, and that’s my tip for you, I tried not to put extra pressure on myself.

  • Use a notebook. I’ve been awfully bad at at. After a time I always abandoned all my notes and lost them. This year I want to set up a fully functional planner for everything that I swear to use it properly.
  • Take some time out. Me Time is actually the best time you can take out. Care about yourself. Drink a nice cup of tea, do a facial mask, paint your nails, snuggle up with a book. I’ll try to leave my phone alone when I feel like I could need some rest and I will learn to appreciate me and my time
  • Keep your money together. Luckily I have a loving boyfriend who keeps me from buying stuff I won’t actually use. All the useless stuff just clogs the space at home which could rather be used to calm your atmosphere.
  • Do work ahead of time. It sometimes happen to me that I spend time with homework late at night and I will try to shrink the amount of time for that. I’ll learn to organize my work so I can relax about it and still be prepared at school and prepared for exams and everything that means studying.
  •  Keep my social media updated. First of all that means regular post on this blog, although I didn’t think about a schedule yet. If you’re interested in my other social media sites, I’ll think about a post where you’ll find them.

For now that should be it. Feel free to leave a comment and I hope I could bring some inspiration. Have a good day or night, wherever you are and I hope you had nice days whether you celebrated Christmas or not. Lot’s of love,



Hello guys, hope you’re well although Christmas is over now. You might have had some nice days with your family and got presents and maybe you’ll find some more joy here. I’m presenting you another review of things I used up which are:

      First the Creme Care. I really like Nivea as a brand but this product couldn’t convince me totally. What is good? The smell is originally like the popular creme and it’s a nice price. The consistency is very soft and creamy but it doesn’t foam on my face which I didn’t like. It promises to clear the skin and moisturize it, which it does, although it’s not feeling especially clean. Just like it would with any other soap. On the package it is stated to be ideal before going to bed, which is right in my opinion but it’s same as good in the morning.The product doesn’t do anything for problems with your skin like break outs or scars or discoloration, but at least it doesn’t say it would. All in all it is an okay-ish product, if you don’t have any special expectations, personally I’ll keep trying other ones.

      Next the facial mask. It’s applied easily and is very cheap, about €0,40. It stated to clear you skin with white alumina and zinc and improve your pores. Personally I didn’t notice the second aspect and after taking it off my skin felt a bit dry and tight but it helped me a little bit with getting rid of blackheads on my nose. I used it twice and it’s my belief that it can help at least a bit and that’s enough for the price.

      Last but not least the eyebrow pencil. I repurchased it and I’ve liked it since I discovered it. I got it in 93D Blondy Brow and it applies easily without looking fake. You can work with it easy & it stays in place the whole day. It’s also not very expensive so it’s a great thing to always have on your hand.

      Thanks for reading through, I liked making this post. Have a nice day or night and feel free to comment and give advice to me, I’m happy about either.

      Love, Hetti

      Nivea Review

      Nivea Review

      Hello guys! I hope you’re fine and I’m sorry I didn’t post for a longer time but I’m finally back again. For today I decided to write a review about used-ups that are I am waiting to get rid of. It’s only three pieces but I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write something as I still have some exams ahead and I recently got a new wardrobe and my room looked sooo messy.

      The products are:

        First the cream: First of all it does not smell like the typical Nivea scent and I personally didn’t like how it smelled because it smelled a bit too much like medical care. Still it lasted me very long because you only need a tiny amount for one application. I had the feeling that it didn’t actually do something for my skin, especially didn’t fight the redness that occurs on my face. The promise of moisturizing the skin wasn’t hold either, it just made my skin feel greasy in the morning. The texture was very light but didn’t sink into the skin fast.  All in all I was pretty disappointed and I personally don’t recommend it. In fact I do like Nivea as a brand and I am now trying a new night  cream.

        Secondly we have the Fresh Natural Spray. This one does smell like Nivea, though I wouldn’t describe it as “fresh”. It didn’t last me too long, I used it daily and and extra dosis for sports. There we are, it doesn’t help for sports and a lot of sweating at all. It’s not covering the sweaty smell and it doesn’t actively prevent sweating. It does help for usual daily activities like work and school. It’s smell also sinks into the fabric after the first or second wearing of a shirt, tough that is rather negative to me. After all I would recommend it for over the day but not for sports. For stress and sport the actually have a deodorant I had a while ago, it’s called Stress Protect. The one for sports is with Aluminium and I chose the fresh natural one because it doesn’t contain aluminum at all and that’s basically better for your health.

        Last of all the eyeliner. I was very disappointed by that because it dried out very very fast and no, I didn’t leave it open. I used it once or maybe twice but then it didn’t do it’s job anymore. The felt tip will now just draw a line if you apply a lot of pressure. Of course you can’t apply so much pressure on your eye so it had lost it’s sense really quickly. Another negative point was the color. I got it in 010 pure black but it was more like a dark grey, much to transparent at all.

        That’s it from me, I hope you liked this kind of post, let me know, also I’ve you’ve got anything you’d like me to post about. Have a nice day or evening wherever you are and get through the last exams safely. Don’t get all too stressed, take some time out and enjoy the christmas spirit.


        New In

        New In

        Hello guys, hope you’re well. Today it’s gonna be a New In post because I recently got some new stuff that I would like to show you. As the last time it will be about some beauty bits and bobs about which I’ll inform you how they feel to me.

          A part of it came in a box from the drugstore, because for a while you could get product boxes designed by famous german youtubers. I don’t know which one designed the box I had ajd I don’t want to offend anyone with favoring a person, since I don’t usually watch their videos myself. Anyways, I’ll link the event down below

          DM Schachtelglück

          This bunch of products included:

            Furthermore I decided to get a new night cream by Nivea:

            Good Night Cream

            And a new lipstick by Trend It Up because I wanted to get a pink lipstick that is different to my darker berry ones.

            Trend It Up Everlasting Lipstick 010

            I’m excited to test some new products and I hope to publish a review from last time’s products soon. I absolutely hope you’ll have a wonderfully day or night and maybe take some time to leave a comment.

            Love from Germany,


            X-MAS is coming!

            X-MAS is coming!

            Hello guys, hope you’re well!

            Today my mom got me a small poinsettia with glitter on top as the first sign of christmas. Personally I tend to call winter the christmas season because as soon as the days get longer I start to get that tingly feeling of christmas and get super excited.

            The last years haven’t been so wonderful to me as described in books since my grandparents died a few years ago and I couldn’t really be happy in this time of the year because I missed them a lot and I wouldn’t know what to do on christmas eve if not having dinner with them. This is the first year I finally feel great again, though I still miss them, so I decided to make this the best year me and my family could possibly get.

            I’m excited to decorate the whole house with candles and fairy lights that perfectly fit all the silver glittery stuff I’ll arrange around the house. I’ll bake a lot of Christmas cookies and I’m already doing the shopping stuff. In the radio they already start playing the christmas songs that we all can sing from out heart and we when I go out in the dark I get a really calm feeling seeing all the decorated windows of probably warm and cosy rooms that smell gorgeous. Not to mention the day when I’ll get a tree with my dad and decorate it with everything we have to offer.

            I’m excited to cook Christmas eve dinner with my mom and put the presents under the tree, getting ready with our nicest clothes (kind of a tradition in our house) and putting on really nice make up. My favorites for that are the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim and the p2 Nail Polish Fever 

            I love how pure the color of these products is and how easy they are to apply and they never fail me. Of course I do use other products that I didn’t name yet.
            A few last tips of mine if you either hate xmas or already know this year it won’t be great:

            • Watch “A Chrismas Carol”, it will make you feel a lot better, at least I did for me
            • Eat some cookies and chocolate
            • Make yourself a nice present like a hot bath with candels

            I hope you enjoy the christmas time wherever you are or at least you are happy about winter if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Have a nice day or night where ever you are, I hope to hear from you if you have to say something,

            Love, Hetti