What will the future bring?

What will the future bring?

Hello, internet! How are you today? It’s me again, posting for the second time in just a few days.

I want to talk to you about the near future of this blog because I might have made a mistake in my post New Year, New Me, New Blog. I said that I will be talking about beauty and fashion as well but to be honest I fear that I don’t have the right resources yet. Never ever have I been purchasing designer fashion accessories that I could style high-end like. I’ve never used expensive products and I hardly use any makeup which is why I actually don’t feel qualified to provide any good content about that topic. Maybe as time goes by and life comes around that will change but not in the nearer time.

Through my Tumblr preferences and my personal lifestyle, I feel more experienced in the topic of study. That’s why I have decided to use that as a main topic on here. That means I’ll be sharing my stationary stuff here, provide study tips and blog about the everyday life of someone who is going to graduate in a few months. While I am going to school every day and have tons of extra work to do at home it will probably be hard to blog on a schedule. I might give it try later in the year when I get more confident with blogging and know clearly what my blog is all about. Blogging is a learning process too and you can be sure that I will take time to prepare my posts not rush into anything too much. I’ll appreciate everyone who is willing to help me in this process and I’ll love to get in contact with so many cool people out there from which I can learn.

That does not mean that I won’t post anything beauty/fashion related at all. As I have a special skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, which is by far nothing bad (only annoying as hell) I am planning to post about that too if it could benefit others and help them deal with maybe the same problem. And just as almost every girl I do look after what I’m wearing and I’m always looking for new things to style.

As I go through a quite normal life for someone my age I’ll surely post about anything that hits my mind if I find it worth blogging about. Especially photography will be part of that (I’m planning to join a professional photography class to learn more about that).

Thank you for bearing with me, I hope to fulfil your and my standards,

Xx Hetti


New Year, New Me, New Blog

New Year, New Me, New Blog

Hello folks,

you haven’t heard of me for a long while. Too long we could say. I’m incredibly sorry I got busy with exams, life and stuff blablabla. I know, I know that’s really no good excuse but true though.

This is my second attempt at running a blog and I hope I’ll do better this time. I would like to try to keep this blog as my space for all the important stuff I experience throughout the year as I feel that this year might be of special importance to me. There are life-changing events and decisions ahead and I like to think that I have a space where I can keep all my thought and memories to look back on.

In the future of this blog I see myself blogging about the usual topics beauty/fashion but as this is not the only aspect I follow in life, I will also be blogging about trips, studying/learning and my thoughts. Whatever I write here is always just my personal opinion and if anything causes a problem or intereferres with your point of view I like to be educated in a friendly way. If you have any idea of what I could do better or if there is anything you want me to do a post about I’ll be happy about comments and messages.

I hope to be able to post more than once a week but I can’t promise that yet. The kinds of posts you’ll find here will range from beauty and book reviews to study tips to plain photography posts as I already have some ideas prepared in my mind. Still, my main goal is not a terribly huge mass of content but quality content for my beloved followers. I do not have an Instagram account yet but I see myself having one in the near future, although I have to go through a learning progress in terms of blogging and I’ll take my time to become a quality blogger.